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Joe's extensive experience makes Stained Glass by Joe Yellowhawk a great choice for any custom design project or repair project. Before moving to Tucson, Arizona, Joe Yellowhawk --stained glass artist and musician for over 30 years-- shared his creativity in the San Francisco Bay Area, the sierra Nevadas, Southern Oregon and Oracle, Arizona.

Joe Yellowhawk

Joe Yellowhawk has designed and fabricated stained glass for many private homes, businesses, churches and offices. He specializes in southwest Indian motifs but is open to other styles and designs. He also does repair and redesign. If you have antique or broken stained glass windows or lamps Joe can fix and refurbish your leaded glass windows or lamps so they will work with your present residence or commercial business.

Prairie Prism is 18" x 59"

The stained glass turtle.

The Corn Guardian. 20" square.

Portions of various works.

The Aquarium. 3 ft. x 4 ft.

The Cactus Canyon. 26" x 5ft.

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