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Rev. Trish Silay, ULC, DM
Certified One Brain TM Facilitator/ Advanced Instructor


Does your body contain information that can help you understand and deal with stress, fears, phobias, and other problems that afflict body/ mind?

The body cannot lie. Can you, therefore, be the ultimate authority about your problems and their resolution? The answer is an emphatic "Yes."

Independent of your mind, your body has a memory of its own. Since it has a cellular memory of all events that it has experienced, the ONE BRAINTM system utilizes the kinesiology model as muscle response testing. This then allows the facilitator to map energy blocks, stress, fears, phobias, or weakness in the mind/ body system, and zooms in on its roots in the past by "listening" to your body with kinesiology; this non-evasive method allows consideration, gentleness and respect before embarking on a corrective journey.

Working with a ONE BRAINTM facilitator, one is able to make better responses in present time rather than a blind reaction to something that was experienced in the past.

The ONE BRAINTM system simply locates the trigger event memory and through age recession, brings the experience to consciousness providing new insights and choices in a similar situation.

In essence, we are the programmers of our computer - like bodies. We can then re­program ourselves by defusing the emotional/ chemical imbalances.

Is it time for you to find your re-start button? "A changed belief system" changes performance.

For more information on individual sessions to learn about the ONE BRAINTM system, Call Trish Silay at (520) 886-1239.
Let's change the world for the better ... ONE BRAIN TM at a time!

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