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Trish Silay &
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Dowsing / Kinesiology
Environmental EMF Clearing


        Yes, dowsing is not just for finding water.   Thanks to science research, we have greater understanding of this ancient but powerful ART.   We have been using this art for over 25 years and are masters at what we do.   Call for a consultation.   Classes and lectures are available.

Environmental Harmony Services can restore balance
to your environment through the natural process!

• Does the Electro Magnetic Frequency of our fast-paced world affect you where you live?
Our modern conveniences have brought forth certain negative impacts to our health and home that can be cleared and brought into a harmonious balance once again.

• Do you suspect mold or other disruptive physical properties are affecting your health and home environment?
Many times we cannot see those elements that create a drain on our health or are detrimental to our homes. These can be found through natural methods so that restorations can be made with the least impact to your economic and home life.

• Do you get caught up in the daily stress of life and not have the time to cycle down to a slower pace?
This can be a sign that your body, mind and spirit may be out of alignment with the natural flow of our earth’s cycles. This can be restored quickly and easily.

Trish and Joe are Reverends of the non-denominational UL Church and are also available to perform weddings, funerals, blessing ways of the new born, home, business or land, and offer spiritual guidance.

Call Trish or Joe at 520-886-1239

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